Relaxing During Saturday Errands

Saturday, 8.22.20

When I arrived at the park this morning at 9am and noticed it was very quiet, I remembered that the yoga instructor stated that he will be out of town on Saturday. But I wasn’t sure if it was this Saturday or next Saturday. I soon realized it is this Saturday, when I went on on my iPhone, which stated today’s class was temporarily cancelled.

I also noticed my Iphone6 is opened on one side. I placed a tight Rainbow Loom pocket I had loomed in 2015 to hopefully tighten it back together again. I am not sure what happened. It still works, but it is slightly open on one side. 

I returned home, changed my clothes to blue/white striped drawstring culottes, white sleeveless RL polo blouse, LV sneakers, and KL black quilted purse that looks like a Chanel purse but much cheaper. The streets were busy. When I arrived at South Coast Plaza, I noticed there were many people going to the mall, mostly for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. But, after I parked, I walked around Nordstrom, toward the old Sears building, and around that corner to Forever 21. I decided to get the mint green flipflops because they were only $1, and I needed it for practical purposes, such as pool, beach, washing my cars, and doing yard work. Then, I walked back to the Nordstrom building and decided to just browse inside because I was bored. I tried on a pleather shorts. It was OK, but it wasn’t that great. I browsed in the very expensive designer section, checking out Chanel and other big designer shoes. They all look like work of art on display in an art gallery, but very expensive, from $700 to $3000. Who can afford these shoes? Even if I can afford them, I wouldn’t know where to wear them because they are too nice. I would be afraid to ruin them. 

As I was driving home, I remembered Gumby is out of cat litter. So, I drove straight to Albertsons. I was surprised to see World’s Best Litter there. I grabbed a bag, as well as two compression socks because my black ones have holes in them. 

I went home and made a cup of creamy plant-based Vegan raw organic protein shake by Garden of Life, which also makes Vegan multivitamins. 


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