Red October/Mercury Retrograde Insights 10.12.21

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Mercury Retrograde and Red October until October 18th.

That is probably why I had those 2 flat tires on the right side of my VW Beetle, at the same time, earlier this month, during the weekend.

Today, I was planning to go to the gym, but I woke up at 7 am and I was taking my time, mentally planning my week, while I made breakfast. I decided to do errands. I went to the post office, before driving to South Coast Plaza and just walking around. I sampled the Nespresso Toccanto espresso at Bloomingdales.  It had a bitter flavor but it was also very foamy on top. Good espresso coffee.  I dropped by Showcase Gallery and found out their art reception was last Saturday. I did a quick video of the current art, before going home. The next art reception is on November 6th. I haven’t uploaded the video yet.

After eating lunch, I wore casual and comfy clothes for the evening walking meetup at UCI.

Meanwhile, this video warns that many grocery stores are preventing future hoarding because less items will be available on shelves. Many banks might have issues, too. There will likely be a lockdown during this fall or winter.

Saturn is about learning and growing….and moving forward towards a new beginning.

Very dark and cold winter? It wasn’t going to happen. No fema camps. More information coming out. The end of the worst.

Be prepared to deal with changeable emotions. Be objective of such changing but overwhelming feelings. Remain connected so not to get lonely.


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