Red Carpet Interviews for Corey Feldman's documentary

Thursday, 3.19.20

I woke up early because I remembered I needed to mail three items, two are taxes-related and one is a bill. I noticed it had rained earlier because the ground was wet. I also did other errands. Then, I returned home to turn on my computer. On Youtube, I noticed there were videos about Corey Feldman’s documentary. Corey was promoting his documentary premier on the red carpet with interviews and discussion.

Corey Feldman’s documentary is My Truth: The Rape of the 2 Coreys.

If you want to check it out, the go on Youtube before someone deletes it. 

#1 Corey Feldman’s My Truth Documentary World Premiere Discussion

In this video, Corey Feldman talks about his documentary, which was hacked on the site they were showing it. Maybe that is how it ended up on Youtube. I thought most of the information in his documentary was already out there. I didn’t know about other child actors, such as Ricky Garcia and the late Kristoff St. John. But there is no panel for the discussion. He is just answering questions from the audience. Marcy was in the documentary. Brian was in the documentary.

The Wolfpack includes Judy Haim and Bobby Wolfe Jr.

#2 Inside Corey Feldman’s Strange Screening for ‘(My) Truth: The Rape of 2 Coreys’ | California Live

California Live talked about the hack on Feldman’s documentary. The hack happened right before the names were about to come out, in which Feldman stopped the documentary because there was an Error message. They were able to continue. But some people didn’t get to see the whole movie, and they felt they have been conned. I wonder if the version I watched on Youtube was the whole movie.


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