Reading on Gabby Petito…

Saturday, September 18, 2021

Psychic reading about the missing Gabby Petito. I am curious about this case too, because other internet people are talking about it and I started researching it on youtube by watching many videos. I was hoping that one of the Youtube Psychics would do a reading about it. This reading appears to make sense to me, based on the other videos I have watched about them. 

They weren’t alone because someone was watching?

This reading makes sense, based on the other videos I watched about this case.

The van had issues, which had to do what happened to Gabby? I remember from other videos that the van was in Gabby’s name, even though she rarely used it. He mostly drove the van. 

Someone from his past might come forth with some relevant information.

Someone was cheating? I think she was cheating and he got jealous because she wasn’t emotionally supporting him.

The van is his alibi, and he has a good defense because lots of money is involved and maybe donations.

I hope he does a part 2 video because he wasn’t getting any information about her whereabouts in this video. 


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