Reaction 4 One Day – BUGOY DRILON

This is another reaction video I made on one of the local artists in the Philippines singing One Day. I really like the way Bugoy Drilon sung this song. He really slayed it and I definitely recommend this to everyone. Before this post, I checked on youtube and the video has 1.6M views and counting. It’s really a MUST-SEE video.

Bugoy is also a product of a reality singing contest in the Philippines called Pinoy Dream Academy. The song was originally performed by Matisyahu and they are both great in singing the song. The two artists have their own Reggae styles and for me, personally, I prefer Bugoy’s version on the Wish Bus. It’s not that I’m also from the Philippines but I just love Bugoy’s version. You can go see it for yourself if you want. We have our own personal preference and I respect that. I’m just saying this based on my personal point of view. I don’t mean to offend anyone.

Have fun singing with Bugoy!


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