RAINWATER by SANDRA BROWN-Prologue and Epilogue

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I posted a review about this one of a kind novel, click here to read my review.

I have to admit years ago I used to pass by reading the prologue and Epilogue, and that was a big mistake. I used to think just start with chapter one. I know better now! The prologue prepares readers about events before the story started, and the epilogue talks about after events of the story. 

The Prologue and Epilogue from the novel ‘Rainwater’ by Sandra Brown is very important to read. The Prologue starts the story out by talking about a couple that walked into an antique shop. They were captivated by the watch the owner of this lovely shop had on. The antique shop owner had a story to share about this watch, and why he could never part with it.

The Epilogue is necessary to read to understand something that happened in the last chapter. If I would not have read the Epilogue I would not have been in awe like I am right now. The ending has triumphs that need to be said. These two parts of a book are essential to read to get the whole meaning behind each and every story. 


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