President Trump demanded disclosure of Officer name from New York Times

The articleant claimed that the president often decides to be inexperienced with regard to the timely information on the basis of uncertainty, which has to be reversed later.

American President Donald Trump has demanded from the newspaper ‘New York Times’ that NY Time should show the name of “this” bull “high position official of his government, who criticized President in his article published in the newspaper.In a tweet on Wednesday, President Trump said that if a senior officer really exists, and “The Failed New York Times” is not lying again, then it should tell the name of the person immediately for national security.

Before this tweet, the president tweeted with only a sign of “word” treachery? ” which appears to be a treacherous article in the New York Times. The New York Times has published an article without the author’s name on Wednesday, According to a newspaper claim, a high ranking President Trump administration official  has written.The article has claimed with criticism on President Trump in his writing, that most of his “worst desires” members of his own staff do not come to the scene and this happens often.

President Trump and White House criticized the article and criticizing the New York Times administration on its publication. In response to journalists’ questions after a ceremony in White House’s’ East Rome ‘, President Trump criticized the article writer as “Bull” criticizing the newspaper.  Trump further said that the New York Times do not like the Donald Trump and “I do not like them because they are very bad and dishonest people.”

Later nighttime President Trump, apparently speaking to his supporters, wrote in another tweet, “I am cleaning dirt and dirt is messing. You do not worry. We will win.”

Article  author of the New York Times called, President Trump “immoral values” and “anti-trade and democracy.” The article has written that most meetings that are presided by President Trump do not discuss the subject and the President keeps claiming loudly. According to the author, in this far-reaching era, the Americans might have some comfort to know that there are some “adult people” around the president. The article also claimed that after the 25th constitutional amendment after President Trump’s power, there was a discussion at white house to remove him but nobody wanted to produce any constitutional crisis so soon.

According to the author, “To keep this government in the right direction, we will do whatever we have to do,” he said. be clear that in the 25th amendment of the US Constitution describes the current president’s terms and conditions for removing the president. Immediately after the statement of President Trump on the subject of this article,  White House, the article has been described as another “incredible and self-hazardous” article, and its publication has been described as a lesser move on the New York Times.

White House spokeswoman Sarah sander has released a statement, In which the newspaper administration is asked to apologize for writing, According to the statement, article publication is an example of continuous efforts made by the Liberal Media to defame the President.

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The presidential spokesman criticized the article, saying that his article is based on  self-interest and not according to the wishes of american people neither his article is in the country best interest. The spokesperson described the article writer as a Cowardly and said that if he thinks that the Trump government is equally wrong then he should resign from his position. The article mentioned here is immediately after the publication of a book written by the US’s famous journalist Bob Wood Ward’s Trump Government, and almost similar claims have been made in both of them.

The chapter of the Bob Wood Word ‘Fair’ came to the scene on Tuesday, many people of President Trump’s staff dislike him and are not happy with Trump’s behavior. President Trump has rejected the claims made by declaring this book as “legendary”

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