Playing Him Like a Piano – part 35

Jeremiah was really in the hot seat.  He would have to ask his tenant, the pretty and wonderful Kat, who paid rent, to leave the master bedroom.   Leave the master bedroom for a little side room.

He had to ask her, she had to move, because Grandma, who owned the house,  was coming.  And expected her room.

Jerry was sweating, he didn’t want to screw up his budding romance with Katherine Townsend, but she had to leave the room for the time his Grandma washere.

Kat stood, her face confused and innocent, appearing to be not wasn’t very bright, she didn’t seem to understand.

He explained again, and told her she could forego the rent from now on.

He explained it would only be for two weeks.

Kat seemed distraught as Jerry babbled.


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Written by jaylar

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