Playing Him Like a Piano – part 34

It  was almost funny.  The way Jeremiah came to explain the situation.

The house belonged to his Grandmother.  Kat knew it, her mother had checked it before she had moved in.

Kat had the impression that Grandma didn’t know that Jerry boy had rented out her room to a tenant.

Jerry now had to tell her, his rent paying tenant, that she’d have to more into a little side room because Grandma was coming and expected her room

Nervously,with a lot of hemming and hawing and trembling, Jeremiah began the performance.

Kat  had gotten it right away, for she had expected that at some point,the owner of the house would visit.  She wanted to see this Grandma,because if she was one of those young and lively types, Kat was leaving.  She was not going to wait for Grandma to die, twenty, thirty years from now to get a piece of the house.

On one hand, Kat hoped Grandma would have at least ten more years of life, for then, she’d leave Jerry and find someone else.

However,  for right now, she was enjoying Jeremiah’s shuffle, keeping a stupid look on her face, making him explain and repeat.

He  really was as pathetic as she thought.

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