Playing Him Like a Piano – part 32

Kat tells Jerry, with a blush, that she had never been with a man, then, embarrassedly, went to her room, into her bathroom.

She had the door open a crack as she ran the shower.  She stood peering out, just to see if he would try to push in.  If he did she’d close the bathroom door and lock it.

Kat waited about a minute, then, not seeing him enter her bedroom, closed and locked the bathroom door, took off her clothes, got into a shower, a quick drench, then her usual moisturisers and face mask, putting her hair up in large rollers.

She emerged from the bathroom,  went to the door leading to the front room and locked it, then got into bed.

Kat knew she had now put Jerry in the awkward  position of having met a woman who would hold out for marriage.

She assumed, (if her lover Dami was right) that she was Jeremiah’s first girlfriend.   If  Jerry thought she was a virgin, it would seem they were matched.


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Written by jaylar

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