Playing Him Like a Piano – part 30

The  relationship between Kat and Jeremiah was at a crawl.  Although they  lived in the same house, she kept distance and absence between them.

On Sunday she often went to her mother’s flat.  On occasion she would carry her work clothes, spend the night, and leave for work on Monday.

It was nearly six months into their ‘dating’  cycle that he kissed her, and she acted like a virgin.

Shyly,  almost embarrassed, she told him she had never been with a man before.

Then, blushing, went to the bedroom she occupied.

As she got in and closed the door, she took a breath, wiped her mouth with her hand back.

She hoped he wouldn’t come to the door.  She’d have to lock it and the relationship would be shattered.  She wanted him to back off, consider that any relationship with her would be serious.

Hopefully, she would get time as his slow brain considered the options.

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