Playing Him Like a Piano – part 29

After the ‘date’ at the basketball game, Kat let time pass, then told him that a bunch of her friends were going to a reggae party Friday night at Jamaican Eats, did he want to come?

Jerry agreed, (probably the food was the lure).

They  dressed in their separate rooms, she got into his car, and they arrived at nine.

Kat introduced him to all her friends, having first alerted them to be extra friendly to him.

It was a noisy night, where all those who had dim connections to Jamaica were going to play extra yardie.

They,  who usually sounded like everyone else, were suddenly deep into patwa, and the party went on until nearly morning.

Kat knew Jerry had to reach work by nine.  When he realised it was nearly two a.m.  he wanted to leave, Kat  she left with him.

As they got in he was nearly dead on his feet, she played exhausted, and they went to their separate rooms.

She had chosen Friday because she knew he worked Saturday.

Kat planned on creating a lot of these crowded dates  to keep a relationship with him, but keep it light.

She had the ‘Seven Year Plan’  and plenty of time to go.


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Written by jaylar

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