Playing Him Like a Piano – part 21

Kat had begun cleaning just after six in the evening, striving to have her ‘land lord’, Jeremiah, catch her scrubbing down the kitchen.

When it reached seven and he hadn’t come home yet, she quit.   She took a few spoonfuls of each of his half dozen left overs and put them into the microwave and ate her dinner.

She washed up, and gave up.

She had plugged out every electrical appliance in the house when he left for work, save the television, which she had watched for four hours.

She replugged  everything, went to her room,  into a nice hot bath.  She soaked and felt sleepy, so came out,  and went to bed just before nine.

She was almost asleep when Jerry pulled in.

She debated whether getting up and decided not.   Her plan would have to take longer than she expected.

This was, however, a good thing.  The longer she didn’t have to touch Jeremiah the better.

As it was a seven year plan, give or take a few months, slowing it to a crawl would be her desire.


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Written by jaylar

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