Playing Him Like a Piano – part 11

During  the six months of January to June,  Kat stopped at the KFC once a week or so,  learning  Jeremiah’s schedule and setting it so she would be there  when he was on duty.

She  watched him.  He was ungainly on top of being somewhat pudgy and not attractive.   He was always moving about, busy, usually with a sour attitude.

On occasion he could  give her a smile, a nod.   Once and a while, he could exchange a few words.  Rarely, he’d give her  a free meal.

Dami had dug deep into Jeremiah’s past  on her  behalf. He confirmed that Jeremiah was of Jamaican extraction and had  been raised by his Grandmother.

Although  Jeremiah matched her criterion,  Kat had, for the past six months, continued to cultivate her other possibles, so Jeremiah was not her only target.

None of her ‘targets’ were attractive, all were of Jamaican extraction.   Some were twice her age, some had very little.

As June began, Jeremiah was the leading ‘candidate’.


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Written by jaylar

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