Pink unicorn on white sparkling glitter background

Tuesday, 10.15.19

I was never into mythical creatures or unicorns when I was young. I was more into realism. So, when I found this pink unicorn, I decided to google the meaning for it for fun.

Pink unicorn on white sparkling glitter background. It is a symbol of magical hopes, dreams, miracles, purity, innocence, and enchantment. It has the ability to bestow magic, miracles and wisdom to people who have pure of heart as well as tend to be virtuous in their deeds. 

Although most unicorns are white, the pink unicorn has to do with being in love. 

Horse symbolizes travel and movement. And, since a unicorn is a spiritual and mythical horse with one horn, it symbolizes traveling and appearing wherever and whenever it wishes, including all realms and dimensions. (Oh, wow, that is like my main character in my graphic novel. She travels in dreams, which is probably at other realms and dimensions, but there wasn’t any unicorn or pink unicorn in my graphic novel). 

The single spiraled horn symbolizes the endless and repeating cycles of time, kind of like seasons and changes in time. It also symbolizes a sword, which has to do with the mind, unity of thought, and purity of reason. It represents the highest level the mind can attain, and it is about spiritual traveling to higher realms of spirituality and Divine Consciousness.

When a unicorn is displayed with a lion, it symbolizes a union of feminine and masculine in marriage. (That is interesting because I am a Leo. I don’t know if that means anything).

It is said that one should feel very blessed if a Unicorn or Pink Unicorn someday appears along one’s path, in which in my case is finding a paper pink unicorn against white sparkling glitter paper along my group walk path at the UCI campus.

“White Sparkling Glitter” symbolizes something in your life is about to gain a lot of attention. Your attitude when this takes place is going to be essential to how others view you. Glitter symbolizes joy and happiness during the darkest times. It brings up happy memories.

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Written by Fifi Leigh

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