Perception – Warrior: Part 1

“Warrior” is episode ten of season two of Perception. In the previous episode, “Wounded”, Kate had been relieved of her badge and her gun, but still kept following Blake Rickford. She saw him in a bar, with a woman, seemingly dosing her drink. Kate followed him home. Daniel and Donnie were concerned, and tracked Kate’s phone. They arrived at Rickford’s house to hear gunshots. Inside, Kate with a gun and a dead Rickford.

The episode opens with Kate saying she didn’t have a choice, she had to return fire. Kate was wearing a vest, so Rickford’s shots didn’t kill her. Kate explains what happened and she entered the house when she heard a scream, and Rickford seemed to be ready for her. Kate says it’s a clean shoot, but she’s warned she will have a lot of explaining to do. She was following Rickford and wearing body armour. Kate states that Rickford was a trained soldier and she had no backup. If they find the woman, who has left, she will confirm the story. Meanwhile, Donnie advises Kate to get a lawyer.

Kate is also told to go to therapy. She wants the psychiatrist to sign the forms so she can get back to work. The psychiatrist says that, as far as she understands, Kate doesn’t currently have a job to go back to. Kate’s welcome to stare at the walls for 45 minutes, whilst she catches up on emails, but that won’t help get Kate’s badge and gun back. How does Kate feel? For killing a rapist and murderer? She feels great.

Todd Early, an ASA from the New York office, has been brought in to do the case. There was a 911 call from Rickford’s house just before the shooting, where he said a crazy woman was stalking him and had broken into his house. The woman Rickford was with, Wendy, came forward and Early is going to interview her. Wendy’s story does not match Kate’s, though; she says that it was all consensual. So Early is swearing out a warrant for Kate’s arrest.

In the preliminary hearing, Donnie comes in and says he’s Kate’s lawyer. He quit his job as an assistant U.S. attorney to defend Kate. Kate is released to house arrest and is given a monitoring bracelet to wear. Congressman Rickford warns Donnie that his crazy ex is going down, and to be careful not to take Donnie down with her. To be continued…¬†


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