Perception – Light: Part 1

“Light” is episode ten of season one of Perception and the season finale. In the previous episode, “Shadow”, Daniel had apparently uncovered evidence of an ever-more-implausible conspiracy, only for Lewicki to return and find that Daniel had apparently lost the plot. Almost everything that had seemed to happen hadn’t, so Daniel, accompanied by Kate and Lewicki, checked himself into a psychiatric hospital. Then, at the end, Probert showed Kate a video on the internet. From the, until then, possibly imaginary Wesley Sumpter. So, it looks like Daniel did meet with Sumpter – and that Sumpter was quite possibly murdered.

Kate, Probert and others are watching Sumpter’s video at the FBI. On it he says that he arranged for the video to be released in the event of his demise. He was investigating the suspicious deaths of Senator Ted Paulson, software engineer Brian Willingham and Chicago Star-Herald reporter David Alcott. They were all killed as part of a conspiracy to influence the energy policy of the US government. Sumpter continues, saying that he went to the only person he knew could help who has connections at the FBI. Sumpter wants his death to be proof that the conspirators will go to any lengths necessary.

Afterwards, Kate says that the film was done with a shaky camera, which means someone shot it. Perhaps they also published it online. So she wants to trace the IP address. She also feels she owes it to Daniel to prove he isn’t as crazy as everybody thinks.

Daniel is currently standing on his bed listening to music when Natalie comes in, dressed as a doctor. He tells her she doesn’t need to blend in, as Daniel is the only one who can see her. The woman asks who Natalie is. Her name is Caroline Newsome, Daniel’s psychiatrist. Daniel starts to think that the entire thing is a delusion at this point and runs out of his room, bumping into Lewicki. Who can also see Newsome. Which Daniel thinks is simply more of his delusion. Then Lewicki slaps him, telling that this is why Daniel hired him, to keep him straight on what’s real and what isn’t.

Daniel is put to bed and Lewicki explains to Newsome that Natalie is one of Daniel’s hallucinations. He talks to her all the time. Kate has also come to see Daniel, but Dr Newsome tells her not for a couple of days. Kate explains that the big delusion that landed Daniel in hospital may not have been a delusion. Daniel witnessed a murder for which there was no evidence. And now there may be. Newsome doesn’t think relieving the incident would be good for Daniel. Kate disagrees.

To be continued…


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