Perception – Faces: Part 2

“Faces” is episode one of season one of Perception and this article continues covering the episode where the previous one left off.

Daniel tells Kate that Frank suffers from a sensory impairment called prosopagnosia. Or face blindness. Frank’s vision is perfectly normal – he just can’t recognise faces. Daniel says that Frank probably couldn’t even pick his own mother out of a line-up. This could be caused by the blow to the head but Daniel thinks it’s congenital, as Frank said he was never good with faces. Probert asks if Frank could really have this condition his entire life and not know. Daniel tells him that most with the condition develop unconscious strategies to recognise people they know; their dress, their context, their voice.

However, Frank stated that the intruder never spoke. And Probert says that even if they found the intruder, Frank wouldn’t be able to recognise him. Kate says that Frank spoke to the loan shark, so he could recognise his voice. If they find the loan shark, Frank could ID him, then they can grill the loan shark until he tells them where Olena is. Daniel asks if he can go now and Probert wants to know how they know which guy to bring in. Kate tells him they will drop Daniel at the campus, then find Probert a wife.

Kate and Probert head to the introductions agency and tell the broker they know the company is a front for Alexi Topaloff. She admits he is an investor. Kate tells the broker she has quite a scam; get Americans to pay to bring girls over and if they can’t keep up with the payments, force the girls into prostitution. Topaloff’s boys threatened to kidnap Olena and she is now gone. Which is conspiracy to commit kidnapping and extortion. The broker says she knows nothing; Olena probably just went back to Ukraine.

When the broker is asked why she thinks Olena went home, she replies that a few weeks after Olena got to the U.S., she called and said that Frank was very mean and would not leave the house. Olena wanted out but the broker told her to stick it out, wait a few years, then divorce Frank and take his money. That’s the American way. Kate tells the broker that she is responsible for bringing Olena into the country and didn’t help her when Olena asked. Kate wants the name of the person who would collect money from Frank. Or ICE agents, U.S. attorneys and the IRS will turn up and the broker will go to federal prison kicking herself for not helping the nice girl from the FBI when she had the chance.

Probert and Kate are given the name and they find a Yuri Petrovich, announcing themselves as FBI. Yuri says that he must be moving up in the world. When asked about a missing girl, Yuri says he has all the girls he needs right here. As Kate is saying to Yuri that he threatened Frank Prentice and now Frank’s wife is missing, Probert gets a call. Probert says that a body matching Olena’s description was found in a landfill. Kate congratulates Yuri, saying he is now the prime suspect in a murder investigation.

Daniel walks into a room to be greeted by Dean Haley who introduces him to Dr Michael Hathaway – who is the same man Kate bumped into earlier. The dean says that Hathaway has agreed to bring his talents and become the newest member of the faculty. Daniel says that Hathaway is the famous self-help sage to the stars. Hathaway replies that he actually is a behavioural scientist and ‘sage’ was his publicist’s idea. The dean says that Hathaway is a New York Times bestselling author and who agreed if he could get a chance to work with Daniel. Hathaway says that he has read all of Daniel’s books; Daniel replies that he read Hathaway’s last book. No other comment. So Haley says it was brilliant work. Daniel does not agree and gives the reasons why. Then excuses himself. That probably did not go as well as Haley wanted.

To be continued…


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