Perception – Ch-Ch-Changes: Part 2

“Ch-Ch-Changes” is episode one of season two of Perception and this continues where the previous article left off. Flynn gave himself a pre-frontal lobotomy. It’s scrambled the parts of his brain dealing with personality. He is now a completely different person. From aggressive and antisocial to docile and subservient. From enjoying beer and contact sports to enjoying art and music. As far as Donnie is concerned, the only relevant part is if Flynn is competent enough to stand trial. He is. When Kate gives Donnie Daniel’s report, Donnie hides it in a box containing five years of disorganised material that they are going to give to the defence.At the trial, Flynn’s lawyer is not cross-examining any of Donnie’s witnesses. Kate is watching; she and Donnie both look perplexed. The lawyer obviously has something planned – then Daniel gets served with a subpoena to appear in court. Not a surprise. Not as a witness for the prosecution, but for the defence. It looks as if the lawyer still found the competency report, despite Donnie trying to make that more difficult. Daniel’s testimony in court that Flynn is changed causes a bit of a stir.Dean Haley wants Daniel to act as his wingman on a date. The only way he can go on a date with a woman he likes is if Daniel comes for her friend. Daniel brings up some of the dean’s bad dates of the past. Haley tells him that he’s doing great and has been on his meds for nine months now.Daniel is perhaps less interested because he’s going on a date with Caroline Newsome, the psychiatrist who was the real version of Natalie that he met in the season one finale, “Light”. They go to see a pompous twist showing some slides and, afterwards, Daniel kisses her. She is concerned because she was his psychiatrist and that he may see Natalie when he looks at her. Daniel is sure she he is falling for Caroline and he’s sure she feels the same way. He may be right – Daniel turns up home the next morning to have Lewicki demand to know where he was and why he was out all night. The least Daniel could have done was call. Then Lewicki works out why Daniel was out.Daniel tells Caroline he’s happy, and he’s annoyed with this because he’s more used to being grumpy and antisocial. She wants to go slow, at least in public, and Daniel may not be as completely okay as it originally seemed.


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