Perception – Blindness: Part 2

“Blindness” is episode three of season two of Perception and this article continues where the previous one left off. Kate and Daniel arrive at Daniel’s with Cleland’s case files. Lewicki doesn’t hear them, because he’s distracted. He shows Daniel a news report about someone who was murdered on a basketball court in front of 200 witnesses. And no-one saw a thing. Daniel tells Kate they may have a serial. At the basketball court, a video of the murder is played on a tablet – and Kate still doesn’t see it. Everyone was watching the ball. Not the mascot dressed as a giant alligator who stuck a knife in the referee’s neck. You can hardly get less subtle. Donnie has got a profiler, Jennifer Britton, in from the BAU – outside of Criminal Minds, profilers don’t trend to come off well in cop shows. Daniel disagrees with her interpretation, but lacks one of his own at first.Looking through the files for an alternative suspect, Natalie tells Daniel that he may have looked at the right file already. Is there something to connect the victims to cognitive blindness? Indeed, there is. A police officer, Connor, who claimed he didn’t see four other officers beating on a suspect in front of him. This was believed to be police corruption, not cognitive blindness. Cleland threw the book at Connor, and sentenced him to five years. Daniel suggests that Connor is killing in a way to demonstrate it’s possible. Connor, when visited, asks what took them so long.Simply because he knew he would be a suspect. Yes, he hated Cleland; his wife could barely stand the site of Connor and his own son thought he was a racist. He didn’t kill Cleland though. Four cops were beating the hell out of a suspect and Cleland couldn’t ID them to IA because he never saw it happen. He doesn’t say it didn’t happen; only that he never saw it. An expert shrink made the same case as Daniel in court. It didn’t work.Daniel thinks Connor is telling the truth about the original case, but may be lying about the killing. Then Britton goes on television about the ‘Invisible Reaper’ and a suspect turns up who fits her profile. Exactly. A profile that has just been told to everyone on television. This causes Daniel to clash with Donnie.At one point, Daniel’s home gets filled with newspaper clippings. Natalie tells him that the last time that happened – in “Shadow” – Daniel ended up in a psych ward. Lewicki wants to give Daniel’s class; Daniel doesn’t want him to. Because, when he admits the truth, he doesn’t want to become more dependent on Lewicki.


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