Perception – 86'd: Part 3

“86’d” is episode three of season one of Perception and this article continues covering the episode where the previous one left off.

Daniel says that Lacey has anterograde amnesia. She is unable to form new memories, which is why she thinks she’s 17, not because she is delusional but because nothing from the past 26 years has stuck. Everything stops on the Thursday night prior to her abduction. A woman who doesn’t remember the last hour might not sound like someone who can help ID the killer, but Lacey does remember the events prior to her abduction. According to the journal, Lacey interacted with the killer several times, and everything from that week is still fresh. Lacey’s mother has kept her bedroom unchanged. When Lacey wakes up it will be Friday morning back in 1986. They will be able to ask Lacey about everything that happened in the prior week. Probert wants to know how Lacey won’t notice her mother has aged overnight; Kate tells him with a makeover. Mrs Penderhalt has removed everything recent from the house. They are going to tell Lacey she had a bump on her head and will be better tomorrow. When Mrs Penderhalt says that tomorrow will never come – Lacey will keep waking up on the same day – Daniel replies that at least Lacey will be at home with someone who loves her.

Lacey is in her bedroom and is introduced to Daniel and Kate. When she asks her mother if she’s okay, having noticed something off with her appearance, Kate asks Mrs Penderhalt for a coffee and she leaves. They mention the killer, and that they have his journal, and the most recent entries were about Lacey. So they want to ask Lacey about who she talked to all week.

The first entry relates to softball practice. The only person Lacey can think of is Coach Parker, who seemed to sometimes be a little off about the way he looked at one of Lacey’s friends. That girl is now Parker’s wife of 22 years. The next is the pool, and there was a hot lifeguard who flirted with Lacey. She has his picture. The lifeguard was going to Hollywood to be a rock star. Said rock star played gigs on the Peninsula, as they are the hottest Motley Crue tribute band. West of Cleveland. The final entry relates to seeing Lacey at work. Eddie Russell, a junior partner in the law office where Lacey did filing twice a week always talked to her. She felt she needed a bath afterwards. Mr Russell is currently in hospital. According to the nurse, he had too many egg nogs at the office Christmas party, chased his assistant down the fire stairs, lost his balance and has been in a coma for the past six years. The nurse considers this justice and Kate gets a call.

The call, as Kate is telling her father in his bar, was because she’s off the Lacey part of the case, presumably because it didn’t pan out. She’s supposed to be chasing down leads that have already been double and triple checked and she didn’t graduate third in her class from Quantico to be doing that. No, Kate doesn’t want her father to call up the FBI and say they are wasting his daughter’s talent. Not that this was a serious suggestion. Joe does want her to stop eating the bar snacks, saying that they are older than she is.

Joe asks Kate if she always told him the truth. Kate is not sure what he’s getting at. What Joe is getting at is Lacey told her mother she was going to the cinema. Alone. On a Friday night. Kate wants to know the relevance and her father mentions a night back in 1997 when Kate was heading to the mall with friends and he bumped into her on the pier with a bum who had a ring in his nose. Kate objects to the term ‘bum’ – he was a philosophy major. Joe’s point is that daughters do not always tell their parents the truth.

Which would suggest that Lacey may well have been meeting a boy on Friday night. Things still do not add up though. Daniel’s brain is giving him more clues – in the form of hallucinations. Lewicki tells Kate that he’s concerned about Daniel, because the cases disturb Daniel’s routine, and when his routine is disturbed, he has more episodes.


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