Part 2 of Celeb Psychic Channeling John Lennon

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Celeb Psychic channels John Lennon Part 2

John Lennon was murdered because he wanted to move on with his life and he no longer wanted to play the game, like many other celebrities who wanted to get out of their contract but couldn’t and they were eventually murdered. John was a fighter, but didn’t understand what he was fighting against. Ringo didn’t play the game, but Paul, John, and Harrison played the game. John wanted to be authentic. Paul was lost in memory or mind, which probably has to do with MK Ultra mind control. The game is all about fascism, communism, and Zionism, and he signed this contract without knowing what he is doing. If he doesn’t do his part in the contract, then he will be murdered. The fascist Zionists have their own agenda. Chapman was mind-controlled to kill Lennon. Paul is still lost, and not himself because he is still playing the game to stay alive.


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