Parisians Boycotting Fire and Pitchforks new movie

Thursday, November 14, 2019

In Paris, France, Roman Polanski’s new movie, Fire and Pitchforks, is premiering. Many Parisians don’t like him because he is a child rapist, as well as he is currently facing a new rape charge. They are protesting and boycotting his movie in the streets of Paris. This French-Polish filmmaker has been living in Europe to escape US prosecution for raping a thirteen-year-old girl in 1977. A French photographer states that Polanski had raped her when she was 18 in 1975.

I wasn’t even aware he was still alive. I thought he was dead because I am not familiar with his work. The only thing that I know about him is that he was married to Sharon Tate, and she was pregnant with his baby boy. She wanted to escape Manson’s satanic cult for her unborn baby, which led to her murder. I guess it was a double murder by the cult.


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