Pakistani Experts Discover Arsenic Water Purifier from Rind of Water Melon.

Pakistani experts have developed a very low-cost water filter from the rind of water melon that eliminates the dangerous chemical element of underground water. At this time in 50 countries of the world, people are forced to drink underground water, it contain different amounts of arsenic, which is estimated to be 14 million people severely affected or ill. In these countries, Pakistan itself is present in the row of some major countries affected by such water like India, Bangladesh and Nepal.

Watermelon are also found in Pakistan and there are also large reservoirs of contaminated water, On this occasion Dr. Nabil Nazi and his colleagues associated with the soil and environment of University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, have developed a organic filter from the watermelon rods.

Dr Nabil claim that the sprinkled organic filter is currently the world’s most economical water filter. Filtering for 6 to 8 months is only three to four thousand rupees and the filter made from rind of water melon cleanses 20 liters of water in a day..


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