Pacific Symphony in the Park, Part 1

Sunday, July 29, 2018

At 3:30 pm, I drove to the Woodbridge Center for a 2-mile walking meetup, picnic, and Pacific Symphony concert at the park. I took a half bottle of carbonated mineral water and my folding chair, but kept my chair in the car for the first two hours. Then, I took my chair to the park, where my meetup group found a first row grass seating, although I placed my chair in the 2nd row. By 7 pm, I noticed that there were many people at this classical music concert. The conductor is Carl St. Clair, and there were also two opera singers, Nicolas Preston and Chelsea Chaves. It was an interesting evening of summer culture, and I ended up recording 7 videos of this event. They are fairly short, between 4 minutes up to 18 minutes.

This video content occurred in the beginning, where many kids joined the conductor in the front section for interactive participation.


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