Oscar 2019 Weird Moments

This video is another video about “Symbolic” moments at the Oscars 2019. The more I watch these videos, the more I am convinced that this event was Karl Lagerfeld’s Illuminati Sacrifice Ritual. The symbolism this year is subtle, and I wasn’t aware of some thing, like Donald Trump’s hair on the stage. I just thought it was some weird design.

The man with the black suit with the black umbrella flying down as Mary Poppins gave me the creeps because it look like witchcraft, and Disney shows like Mary Poppins are about witchcraft. But they connected with mocking Trump going into his private jet with a black umbrella.

There were at least 10 standing ovations throughout the whole show, not just for Bradley and Lady Gaga.

The Rami Malek fall was similar to when actresses tripped as they walked up the steps to the stage in the past. There is always one celebrity during awards show who trips and falls for some reason.


What do you think?

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