Origins for Disney Films were Very Grim

Origins for 5 Disney films was much different from the actual Disney film.

  1. Snow White and 7 Dwarfs was originally written by the Brothers Grimm in German.  The original has a creepy ending.
  2. Pocahontas never married Smith. She just saved his life when her Indian tribe wanted to execute him. She ended up marrying someone else, who named her Rebecca, and she went to England to bring peace between England and America. When she saw Smith, she ignored him. And, she got sick and died at 21.
  3. Tangled is about Rapunzel but the original Rapunzel is much different than the Disney version. The original story sounded traumatic.
  4. Pinocchio’s original version is very dark because Pinocchio was torched and abused. He always used to get in trouble.
  5. Winne the Pooh was based on a real bear. All the characters in the story had mental disorders. Winnie had ADHD and Impulsive Disorder. Piglet had anxiety disorder, low self-esteem, stuttering, and irrational anxiety.Owl had dyslexia. Trigger had ADHD. Kangaroo had social anxiety disorder and controlling mother. Rabbit had OCD. Eeyore had depression. Christopher Robin had schizophrenia because he created all these characters as his friends. He must have also been lonely.

Yeah, and I agree that Alice in Wonderland is filled with mental illness and a drugged trip, which takes her to a zionist masonic world of wonderland. And, notice that Pan’s Labyrinth is like Alice in Wonderland in Spanish. It is also very dark and masonic.


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