One Night With You

 “One Night With You”  was a song written by Dave Bartholomew, Pearl King, and Anita Steinman. Before Elvis made his recording with his magnetic velvety voice the song was an R&B hit for Smiley Lewis in 1956. Elvis brought it to greater success in 1959.

The problem with the song for Elvis was that the lyrics were rather suggestive. So while he was working on the movie “Loving You”  he rewrote the lyrics so that the song would be acceptable. The trouble was that the song originally was “One Night Of Sin” well one version or another Elvis sure can sing.

The song was finally released as a single in October 1958. The Elvis version rose up to number four on the pop singles chart and to number 10 on the R&B chart. This was his last single to be released on 78 RPM records in the U.S.

Amazing as it might seem “One Night With You” became the first song to rise to the number one spot on the Irish Music Charts Top 10 and stayed at that spot for a whole week.


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