November 2020 Elections Predictions

Sunday, 11.1.20

November 2020 elections

I decided to watch different videos about November Predictions from astrologers and psychics. This astrologer does Vedic Astrology. I noticed that some things she said were similar to the other to astrologers.

Lots of retrograde energy in November. Darker aspects will come to light in November. Americans are divided. It will be difficult because of all the chaos. Trump is more likely to win in the election.

November 3rd: communications will be strong, and many people will be serious voters. But difficult energy because people will vocalize their opinions and there will be negative energy between people fighting for their side. People need to learn to be compassionate with everything going on right now. People need to remember they are all like, humans under One God, going through the same issues.

November 16: people will feel depleted. Many changes will happen in politics and economics. There will be extreme behaviors. It won’t be cashless society right now, but maybe in the future. Lots of things will change drastically. A lot of exposure is happening with politicians. Hilary Clinton is a liar. Many politicians will undergo investigation. The political system will be dismantled.

New World Order creates division between people to distract people from what is really going on, such human trafficking and child trafficking.

Trump is responsible for a lot of the awakening. He went after the pedophiles. He is using his own money in the presidency, he is straightforward, and he doesn’t talk like a politician.

Beginning of the New World Order?


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