Elton John came out with a popular song “Nikita” in 1985 and it was on his album Ice on Fire. The love song tells about having a crush on a woman named Nikita, who is an East German border guard and he is not allowed into the country to be with her.  Backing vocals were by George Michael and Nik Kershaw. This song was quite popular in Latvia when I arrived there in 1994 because Latvia was just regaining its independence and Latvians had their own popular songs about the Soviet time and how people would meet in Latvia and fall in love only to realize they could not be together.


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  1. I remember the song coming out, accompanied by a cool video. But I found it a little strange that his Nikita was a woman, given (A) that the only Nikita I knew of was a male (Khrushchev), and (B) Elton John is openly gay. Then I thought perhaps the song was really meant to be about a male, but that whoever was in charge of making the video decided it would be less risquée to cast Nikita as a female. Though the song’s lyrics are not clear on Nikita’s gender, they suggest that he is a soldier:
    Oh I saw you by the wall /
    Ten of your tin soldiers in a row /
    With eyes that looked like ice on fire /
    The human heart a captive in the snow

    • You have a point there Norman. However, when I lived in Latvia they also broadcast German serials and there was one where one of the main characters was a woman named Nikita so it can be one way or the other. I think mostly when Elton John sings about love he sings about love his way not the usual love between a woman and a man. I have wondered what the outlook on life and love his two adopted sons have.


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