The New Woodbridge Center

Sunday, October 22, 2017

On my last couple of Woodbridge sidewalk hikes, I noticed that the community had finished remodeling the Woodbridge Center. It was getting very old looking, and it really needed a change. I took some snapshots of the new Woodbridge Center, and it now looks like one of these big malls. It looks more spacious than before that I am not sure what they actually knocked off that was in their way to create all this huge space. There is now a large seating areas, and a huge modern playground for the kids.

There is also some white wooden low chairs that overlook the manmade lakes and nice homes that surround these lakes. The lakes are to the right, on these snapshots, which are also separated by a busy street.

To the left, is the new Grocery Outlet, which has interesting items. There is also a large yoga studio across from the Grocery Outlet.

Therefore, I think, sometimes, if it is positive, then change can be good. But because of these modern changes, the movie theater prices went up to, I guess, match the new and modern makeover.


What do you think?