New pictures of different Pictures

Hello everyone this is going to be a collection of all different pictures and all cool Pictures. So please share and like.

Puddle of water

See the cool reflection in the picture.was a cool picture I hope you enjoy.

Forest picture

Weird stuff happening in the forest why I have a weird look on my face. Just saw the Knome King and he told me a weird joke why I'm like duhhhh!!

Christmas lights

This was a cool shot of Christmas lights and the moon what do you think?


Was messing around with a app that I found and check out my eyes different colors.

Me and Big foot

Had to take this selfie with me and Big foot look at his face priceless moment.

Bright sun!

Seen was bright this day and was trying for the look like what I do now!!

Sunrise in the Enchanted Forest

WOW looking at this picture yea I was in the forest at sunrise but look really close see the heart with writing in it?? 

What do you think?

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