New Normal Gyms: What to Expect?, July 24, 2020This video is a Cornyflu Plandemic parody about the New Normal, describing what it will be like in the gyms when they reopen again. Everyone will be intentionally controlled, and it really doesn’t have anything to do with cornyflu. It is all about preparing the public for the New World Order agenda of mindless and obeying slaves, who will accept everything else that will follow, such as vaccines, microchip, and whatever else…


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  1. Show the proof that the coronavirus pandemic is fake. All of the people that died from all over the world from Covid-19 did not fake their deaths. You have been saying this for about three months with absolutely no proof. Show the proof.

      • I have done my research. That is why I have references when I post something. You never show any proof that this pandemic is a scam. You just say it is a scam. Where is the proof? Over a million people dead all over the world is proof that Covid-19 really is a virus that must be dealt with. Are you saying that all of the people that have died from the coronavirus are really not dead? You have been saying that the coronavirus is the cornyflu for 3 months straight, but you have still have not shown any proof that this is a scam.

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