Negative To A Positive Universe

Negative To A Positive Universe

When the universe brings together an abundance of happiness.. I’m in awww..

I’m in sync.. I’m without words! I’m feeling explosion. You feel that? #boom! Feels good yes? Your welcome.

NO! It didn’t come freely.. I had to get up and create it! Despite the NEGATIVE energy’s strong in my circle…

I had to cover my eyes.. My ears.. I had to protect my heart with the smell of special oils. Special smells. Special sounds. Special color. I created a special surroundings..

So My space which was clouded with NEGATIVE energy’s can be cleared.

Now it is special! Now I am at peace.. Positively! I AM special like that.

Cause that is how I roll.. Peace.


What do you think?

Written by Angelfouru

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