NASA’s spacecraft left to touch the sun

Florida: US Space Investigation Agency ‘NASA’ has left the first ‘space craft’ for the Sun’s scientific study. Today’ is very special day in space research history.

The surface of the sun is 1500 million kilometers, While NASA’s space plane ‘Parker Solar Probe’ will be researching 40 million miles away from the sun. It is also believed that it is the most widely sent spacecraft of the sun. Parker will fly to the area of ‘Crona, And it will take seven years in this journey.The space plane has been sent through a very powerful rocket, Which will also face extreme heat and radiation during the mission. Special measures have been taken to save its sensitive equipment from heat.

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Parker Solar will move towards Zehra after traveling outside the boundary  during his journey, from where it has to go through the semi-circle,which will reduce the speed of the spacecraft very slowly, Wich is required to control Parker Solar. While the internal temperature of the space plane from the special protective shell will remain moderate.

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The research equipment installed in the Parker Solar Probe will require proportional temperature to work correctly. The protective shield will be able to protect the spacecraft from the radios and the limits of the sun and research tools will send the truth to the space center on the ground by studying the sun.

The spacecraft has been named Parker Solar Pro, named known as “Yogene Parker”, the famous American specialist physics, known as the world’s astronomer of astronomy and astrologer. which is the service of their physics and philosophy.


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