My Heart Cries For You

In the days when romance was the choice of many people and when songs plucked at your heartstrings there was Vic Damone with his velvety voice. As much as I love rock and roll I also love singers like him and like Frank Sinatra, Perry Como, and Dean Martin who could have you running out the door searching for love just by listening to their songs that were full of passion and romance. Damone was an American pop and big band singer, actor, radio and TV presenter, and entertainer. He was born in my hometown and came from my neighborhood Brooklyn, New York.

If you’re wondering who Vic Damone is and what he has to do with all of this then I can tell you that even Sinatra agreed that Damone had a golden voice. He had dozens of hits like “On the Street Where You Live”, “You’re Breaking My Heart”, and “My Heart Cries for You”. He has also appeared in some MGM movies and sang to the delight of many audiences in nightclubs and gave concerts right into his 1970s. It was a sad day on February 11, 2018 when Damone joined the angel choirs.

Back in 1950 before the rockers started really rocking the song “My Heart Cries For You” was sung by Guy Mitchell. It was a lovely and romantic song. What is interesting at the beginning of the song is that he is singing that he will follow his love to Arizona or Minnesota.

This popular song was adapted from an 18th-century French melody. It comes from an old French song that was attributed to Dauphine of France Queen Marie Antoinette “La jardinière du Roi”. The chorus which is my heart cries for you, sighs for you, dies for you was added to this, and is not in the original French song. With Guy Mitchell singing and Mitch Miller and his orchestra playing the song sold more than a million copies. There have been many different versions sung of this song by many different artists like Dean Martin and Elvis and the song has also been countrified.



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