My Friday 13th Message

Friday the 13th, 2020

My day was normal. At 5:30pm, I drove to Woodbridge Village Center for a walking meetup. The streets were very busy. The heavy traffic is back to normal level again. Suddenly, I noticed a FedEx truck in front of my car. I glanced at the license plate and I noticed the “666” in the numbers. I remember the date, and thought that is a weird coincidence. My first thought was dark. Is there a satanic evil message in this sign on this date? While the cars stopped at a red light, I decided to quickly capture the moment on my iPhone6 camera. Then, I drove to my destination, which wasn’t far anyway. 

7 people showed up on today’s evening walk. I ended up walking 4.5 miles and 10,760 steps. Most of the walk, I was walking with one woman, and we were both walking fast and chatting together that the other four people disappeared behind us somewhere. I wondered if we should wait for the rest, but she didn’t want to. So, I decided to keep walking fast. We arrived at the parking lot at 7:35 pm. We decided to go home, wonder how far behind us the others were. It was an interesting walk.

I returned home and decided to google the number 666 meaning, besides the obvious obnoxious meaning that it is mostly known for. 

  1. Wikipedia numerology is 666, which makes sense because it sucks, and I mean in the dark way.
  2. 666 is used to invoke the antichrist, Satan, or devil.
  3. But in numerology and angel numbers, it has a lighter and more positive meaning. Angels are trying to tell me something in order to help me on my path. It might be something to do with supporting, being wrapped up in material affairs, having fears and hardships, struggling to sort through ideas, balancing, being a caregiver, physicality, and/or aligning and remembering my purpose. Therefore, I am taking this 666 coincidence on Friday the 13th as an Angel Message. 
  4. It could also be a message from anything or anyone that exists on a higher level from this world who might want to cantact me. 
  5. I continued to browse on this numerology site, and ended up trying out a short numerology reading because it was free. The information it said about me based on my full name made sense, and it describe me well, which is interesting. Then, at the end of this audio reading, it gave me my life path number, expression number, and soul urge number based on my first name and birthdate.  My Life Path Number is 11, Expression Number is 1 and Soul Urge Number is 7.


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