My 5 Favorite Music Videos with a Choir

Music sung by a group of people from any part of the world can enrich the hearers. An all-male chorus, an all-female chorus, a children’s choir, etc. … each group has their own unique sound that moves you. Because it’s the kind of music I grew up listening to, the sound of a chorus of Africans or African-American singers has a powerful effect on my psyche. The entertainment business in the USA finally caught on to the fact that using these choirs as back-up to solo vocals for popular singers can … really sell some records and make a lot of money!!!

I can’t remember when it started, but the trend developed and has continued to this day.  Almost every popular singer on the planet started asking black gospel choirs to back up their solo vocals!  The music is stirring, and often very inspirational or motivational.  On a certain level, the sound of the chorus of voices is deeply spiritual, because music –especially the human voice – really reaches deep into a  person’s heart and soul.

Below are my 5 favorite music videos where a popular singer is accompanied by a choir. The Bobby McFerrin video you have to really listen carefully because the chorus of voices sort of float into the soloist’s vocals and before you know it you’ve got wings!!!

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