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Music and Color Go Hand in Hand

There is a dilemma of writing about colors and wanting to add in music which is related to these colors. It was a hard decision about which sphere to post this article in but finally music won. So as you read about these different colors and what they represent you can listen to some very fine music.

The color of ghosts and spirits and also of cleansing and cleanliness is the color white. It is associated with purity and innocence and can seem bright when we think of light and can also fade away into nothingness because when we look at something white there is actually nothing there like a blank page. White can be looked upon as being cold and sterile and is the color always used in hospitals. It is also thought to be the color of goodness and this is why in cowboy tales the good guy is always in white and the bad in black. It is the color of wedding gowns, the preferred color of pearls and we’ve all heard the term white diamonds.

The color most little girls and teens come to love the color pink and most often what we call shocking or bright pink. This color is related to love and romance and has a calming effect overall. It is thought of as a very feminine color and is usually not associated with males. However I do think that a man could look quite handsome in a dark pink shirt when worn under a dark blue or brown suite. It just gives a healthier color to the skin. It always reminds me of the Pink Ladies in the ever popular movie ”Grease”. Many people love to combine the colors pink and purple.

Now a color that comes forth with great emotion is red. It is bright and dramatic and we can see it from far away. This color comes forth with great emotion and is associated with feelings such as love, warmth, and comfort. Hearts have always been colored red and fires give off orange red glows in fireplaces. It can also be looked upon as an angry color and it is said that a person who becomes angry turns red. Red phrases which are used are red-hot, red-faced, caught red-handed, paint the town red and see red.

A warm and fiery color is orange. It’s a color we can surely see from a distance. It is the color we think of when we imagine a sunset and it is considered to be an energetic color. It is the color of Halloween and pumpkins. Orange is said to remind one of excitement and good things to come. It is the color of oranges and mandarins. It is said that one would rather prefer to drink something orange than say red and therefore orange juice is one of the most popular juices. In language it’s used when referring to orange sunsets.

The good feel of it beneath your feet and the good smell of the earth and its color is brown. A color which makes one feel warm, comfortable and secure. It is straight forward with no nonsense about it. Brown is the color that people associate with when they hear the term natural leather. The color usually first thought of when we hear of bears, cows and horses.

The color which brings a smile to everyone’s face and makes them feel so happy is the brightness of yellow. It’s also the color of the sun and is thought to be cheery and warm. However at the same time it’s good to note that yellow can make one’s eyes tired and can lead to eyestrain. So it’s not advisable to use it as a background color on paper or on computer monitors. Even though yellow makes us happy it can also create some feelings of frustration and anger and surprisingly enough people may be less cheery in yellow rooms. The one room this seems not to effect is a bright and cheery yellow kitchen because a yellow kitchen always radiates warmth especially on a sunny day. This color can increase one’s metabolism and it is the one color which draws the most attention because of its brightness. We’ve all heard the term at one time or another mellow yellow.

Now I know another color that makes me smile because when I see it I know spring is not far behind and that color is green and it symbolizes nature. Some of the other things and feelings associated with green are good luck, health, jealousy and tranquility. A lot of people prefer to have at least one green room in their house because of the peace they feel when they are in this room. Amazingly enough it has been discovered that the color green can improve one’s reading ability. If someone should cover a page in a book with a transparent green sheet they may find that their reading speed and comprehension increase. One of the other things that green has been associated with is fertility and although it may be little known in the 15th century it was a preferred color for wedding gowns. Another thing that green can do is to relieve stress. In the spring and summer people go to sit in parks because all around is the tranquility of the color green and it helps them get calm and put their world back into focus. This is also the reason office workers eat their lunches outside when the weather permits.  How do we use it in language? People can be green with envy, they can have green thumbs and if they are new to something they can just be green. Also all unripe fruit and vegetables are said to be green.

One of the colors a lot of people prefer is blue. This is the color most associated with the sky and with clear water. It is a calming color but at the same time it is referred to when we are sad or we feel blue. It is said to be a color that a lot of men prefer. Blue is associated with calmness or serenity and it can make us feel sad or aloof. Aloof because blue is also the color our fingers or lips are said to turn when we are very cold therefore this coldness keeps us apart from everyone else when it is inside of us. Blue also has the reputation of being an unappetizing color and is recommended by dieticians as the color of the dishes we eat from when we attempt to lose weight. There aren’t very many foods which can be called blue except for blueberries and plums. It is known that blue can give us lower body temperatures and slow down our pulse rate. In the English language we find blue used in phrases like blue day, blue moon, blue Monday, and the blues and so on.

One of my absolute favorite colors has always been purple the color of royalty and riches. The imaginative color of a king in royal purple robes. It relates to things like wisdom and spirituality. It is the color of foods such as eggplants, grapes and plums. It is a rather powerful color and a lot of people like wearing it in combinations with red and yellow among some other colors like white. In language I can only think to associate it with the words from a popular song purple rain.


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    • The reason I posted that photo was that it was a rose growing in our garden this summer and it was a white rose with a yellow middle making it appear interesting. Good that it caught your attention. Glad you enjoyed the post.

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