Movie review: Piercing, 2018

A young man named Reed played by Christopher Abbott carefully prepares to activate a simple plan – to stab a prostitute in a hotel room with a knife for splitting ice. He performs every action, checking the time with a stopwatch, and comes to the conclusion that everything will take him exactly 14 minutes.

Then he picks up the phone and orders the escort in the room. However, Jackie played by Mia Wasikowska is able to give a surprise even to this psychopath – for example, she herself is not averse to playing around with piercing-cutting.

The second film by young director Nicholas Pesce was filmed from the novel by Ryu Murakami and is stuffed with respectful and beautifully executed references to art slashers and horror stories of the past.

The films about maniacs will always be in the trend of the people because people always react like rabbits on this topic. Even when they hear in the news that the criminal is caught who has killed so many victims, what do they do? Right – they make sound louder. Therefore, it is clear why the same Saw was already stretched over 8 films.

An exemplary family man Reed is a man with a difficult childhood, sometimes wishing to kill people. In order not to accidentally realize his aspirations on his own nursing daughter, he decides to quench his thirst by neutralizing some prostitute in another city. He says wife that he is going to listen to boring reports for several days, takes the change of clothes, packs a knife for splitting ice with him in a suitcase, and with the face of a person who does great things for his family, he going to kill someone.

Correctly says, everything starts from childhood, there are all our fears and secret desires. At first, the story seems familiar, but the further you immerse yourself in the topic, the more you understand how painful it is, and how it is chronically ill.

The whole film is tormented by the expectation that something terrible is about to happen, but these two perverts deliberately postpone the demise. Definitely, such a passive movie produces a corrupting effect.

The most unpleasant thing is the main character’s hallucinations; they deviate even more from the essence of the film. You should not even try to understand them, they have no continuation. 

Until the very final scene could not understand why “Piercing”? And only at the very end of the story, a close-up scene gave a clue: piercing is not only the desire to decorate your body with brilliant objects, hoping to stand out from the crowd. One of her actions proved the whole strength of the masochistic complexes, the irrepressible desire to hurt herself, well, in general, the violent flocks running in her head.

It is difficult to advise this film: many will be rejected by really harsh scenes of violence, the blockbuster audience simply will not appreciate the beauty of the dialogue and the atmosphere of the old cinema. But in the end, if you are interested in watching how two psychos with perverted fantasies found each other, and if you like very black humor, Piercing can give you an unforgettable experience.


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