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There are so many things that I find interesting in this movie. In many cases, I find it has something new to offer every time I watch it.

THe story of a professor who, unable to release his long dead wife, seeks to clone her from the remaining cells he had. A Nobel prize winning biologist he makes great progress throughout the movie. But the growth of the characters is the real power of the story.

We have two young lovers that parallel the professor and his wife’s story. Unlike the professor, the grave malady that hits our young hero’s love isn’t fatal. Meanwhile, the professor meets, befriends and then falls in love with a much younger woman.

All the while there are conflicts, life, and a reality that intercedes. The movie remains my all-time favorite movie. I watch it, like It’s a Wonderful Life, every year.

I give Creator a 5 out of 5.


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Written by DocAndersen

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