Morning Gym Work & Yoworld Fashion Challenge Hint.

Monday, 6.21.21

This morning, I went to the South Coast Metro Gym. Since I arrived a little before ten, I decided to do a dance class for one hour. It was fun. I was sweaty afterwards. Then, I went downstairs to walk on the treadmill. All the machines are now open and masks are optional. Most people didn’t wear a mask, except for 2 or 3 people. I also noticed more people at the gym because everyone is eager to get back to normal life again.

On the treadmill, I decided to walk the Grand Canyon, Arizona trail, which was only a rocky and hilly map. There weren’t any photos or video. I walked 2.40 miles for 36 minutes, burning 488 calories. 

Then, I drove back home, arriving at noon. 

My latest Yoworld Fashion Challenge is Off the Beaten Path for June 2021. My first avatar received a 4.3/5.8. She wears a monochromatic graphy outfit–shirtdress, ankle boots, and fedora, with colorful jewelry and neck scarf. She carries her tote bag, purse and yoga mat with her, as she takes her two dogs for a walk. 

My second avatar received a 3.9/5.8. She wears a similar shirtdress, but in denim blue, burgundy ankle boots, and colorful scarf and jewelry. She has a blue fedora. Besides her designer blue purse, she is a married woman, with one daughter, two dogs and one cat. A white dove follows her everywhere. She also carries a suitcase, filled with her baby’s and pets’ needs.

Which avatar look and lifestyle do you prefer? They are basically similar outfits, but different lifestyle, different makeup and hair color, which gives each avatar a different look. 

The hint for today is Off the Beaten Path. I didn’t go on any detours because I haven’t gone anywhere today, except the usually gym. 


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