More & More Celebs Joining Social Networks…

Tuesday, 4.14.20

These days, while browsing on youtube, I seem to notice more and more celebrities starting a Youtube Channel and/or Instagram page. Recently, I decided to follow Paulina Poriskova and Brooke Shields on Instagram to see what they post. Paulina knitted a cardigan for a friend, and she was modeling it. It was good. Brooke was using an onion chopper appliance to make dinner for her family. 

#1 Gal Gadot and celebrity friends sing “Imagine”

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

While watching this video, checking out a couple of celebrities singing John Lennon’s Imagine, next to their mansions on the left side of the video, I soon realized they are promoting the New World Order One World Lockdown agenda. Listen to the words of this song. It is about socialist society under One World government and currency, where the key words are “EVERYONE,” “ONE,” and “ONE WORLD.” It just looks like they are shoving it into people's face, with excessive smugness and sometimes even an annoying smirk. 

They all suck as singers. But it is the first time I saw Sia’s face. She usually covers her face with extra long bangs, which looks like Cousin ITT. They are all happy, appearing excited to start their Zionist New World Order….

#2 Richard Marx + Paul Stanley – Social Distancing Episode, 19

KISS’ Paul Stanley and singer Richard Marx talk about social distancing during the One World Lockdown agenda. They each appear remotely inside each one’s home, doing their series together on Youtube Channel. I checked out other videos on the right side, and I noticed it is Richard Marx’ channel, and he is interviewing different musicians, on each video. Other include Duff McKagan and Kenny G.

I also noticed many celebrities are doing a Youtube channel. Naomi Campbell has a Channel, in which she interviews other models on her Youtube Channel. Cindy Crawford was her first guest. I guess they are all bored. They are all on Youtube with everyone else.


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