More info about Lana Turner media controversy

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

I found another video about Lana Turner and the media controversy. In the court system, Lana testified that it was all an accident, and the case was closed. Cheryl was holding a knife when she went up to the bedroom, where Lana and her boyfriend were fighting. When the mobster boyfriend, he moved quickly toward Cheryl and into the sharp knife that Cheryl was holding. She ran into her bedroom, probably in shock, not realizing what had happened or why it happened. This video was closer to what the celeb psychic said when she channeled Lana Turner. it wasn’t really a murder becausae Cheryl liked him. It was just an accident of him running into the sharp knife as he opened the door. 

This video was posted three years ago. He displays a photo of Lana’s house in Beverly Hills, as well as some photos of the boyfriend, when police arrived. 


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