MK-Ultra Movies

Return to Oz about MK-Ultra mind control summary. Interesting…it is about mentally illness, specifically DID, dissociation, and multiple personalities in order to deal with trauma-based abuse and torture. I have never seen this movie but I am interested in checking it out if I see it on the indie channel. I have only watched Wizard of Oz many times when I was a kid, and I know for sure that movie is filled with MK-Ultra symbolism. From the description of the Return to Oz in this video, this movie sounds more creepy than Wizard of Oz.

I have seen this movie on the independent channel, but I just didn’t get it because I remember I was bored. I just thought it was a weird movie. I will probably watch it again in order to analyze the scenes myself. But who knows when it will be on the indie channel again.


What do you think?


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