Misunderstanding Acting

The other day an ‘icon’ was being interviewed.  He had this attitude as if he had lowered himself to appear in a role that will live long beyond him.

As his career is over all his smarmy remarks do is separate him more from the role than the years.

To be an actor means to ‘serve’ yourself to the public like lunch.  If the ego is too big to do it, find another job.  For reality is that this is one job which requires the public to like you.  One job where if you demean the role or the fans, you put yourself out of work.

Too many people enter the profession, get a chance, then blow it up by putting their ego before the job.   Whether they criticise the role, whether they make enemies with the producer/director/cast, as soon as they get the kick out the door, there are few, if any, doors that will open.

Years ago I met a guy who had been written out of a show because of his ego.  He’s no one today, due to his ego.  He doesn’t realise he cut his own throat.

Making the public love you, love your role, is vital.  To never demean your role is mandatory.   To thank your fans and not insult them is writ in stone.

Of course many has beens and more never weres don’t believe it.


What do you think?


Written by Chef Lee

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