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Mind Your Language Season 1 Episode 1


When growing up, one of the favourite comedy or sitcom television series I liked watching was ‘Mind Your Language.’ It was a British sitcom that ran during the seventies and eighties. 

Watching this television series will make you laugh and smile hard as Barry Evans who acts as Mr. Jeremy Brown is faced with the challenge of teaching foreign adult students the English language. I have had a chance teaching foreign students the English language. As a teacher, it is an interesting occupation but at times quite challenging when the adults begin acting in weird ways.

The students have to watch what they say and the manner they say things. For instance, in the first season, episode one there is a student who meets the principal and asks her about the English program. He says that he wants to be unrolled instead of enrolled. The principal begs the student pardon. The student says it’s written in the sillybus. 

You van find the television series on the YouTube vhannel (all the episodes).


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