Mercury Retrograde Red October 2021

Thursday, October 21, 2021

Week after Mercury Retrograde, more shit happens. Yeah, I have noticed it in my life, as well. Shit has been happening to me since the beginning of this month. I have rarely gone to the gym this month. I am mostly trying to fix things here and there.

Today, I washed my messed up light cargo jacket and ironed it. I decided to go to Michaels to look for colorful and fun iron-on patches. Michaels didn’t have much. So, I went to Joannes. I found many. I decided to buy a lot because I want to renovate my cargo jacket. There are now many holes from this mildew disaster when I forgot it in the washing machine, maybe for a day or two. But I soaked it a lot and washed it again. I want to fix it in a creative way. This is all Mercury Retograde because I don’t know why it suddenly happened like that. Today, I noticed that the zipper appears to be broken because some of the teeth are missing. Maybe that is when I washed it again this morning. But I had placed it inside a small bag. It apparently didn’t help much. I spend a lot on colorful patches. This will keep me busy all weekend. I probably won’t wash it again. I hope I can make it look cool by giving it a new makeover. 


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