Mercury Retrograde Continues 10.22.21

Friday, October 22, 2021

Mercury Retrograde continues, although it supposedly ended on October 18th. The week after continues more shit happens—the aftermath of Mercury Retrograde and Full Moon in Aries. Today, I noticed one of my toilets wasn’t flushing properly. I opened the top lid to check, and I noticed that the Fill Valve wasn’t bobbing properly up and down, and at the end it whistled. I googled it to realize it is the Fill Valve, and mine is probably getting old. So, I drove to the Woodbridge walking meetup, and while waiting for the others, I called Mike Diamond Plumbing service to make an appointment for tomorrow morning. What a mess! What’s next? All Red October has been a big headache for me because it is always something.

Everyone is talking about the new 2021 Squid Game, but it is on Netflix. I hope it comes on indie channel because I don’t have Netflix.

I went to Woodbridge Walking Meetup at 5:30pm. While waiting for the rest, I called Plumbers to make an appointment. By 6pm, 6 people showed up. It was cold this evening, but after we walked, it warmed up. I walked 4.8 miles and 12,500 steps. The moon looked orange and big.  I felt energized after the walk. I returned home and had some snacks, acv with water and licorice tea as well as a bowl of popcorn.


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