Memorial Day 2021 at Spectrum Center

Monday, 5.31.21, Memorial Day

Nordstrom is the only department store at this mall.

The mannequins are dressed in summer dresses and comfy cropped pants as well as cute sandals.

Today is a holiday. So, I decided to go to the Spectrum Center mall. It looked busy and lively, filled with families, kids, and dogs on a leash. I browsed in Barnes & Noble, got something I have been considering, and took a stroll through the mall alleys of this outdoor mall. 

I noticed my all gym is now HOAG free vaccine center.

The Regal IMAX has finished its remodeling, and the fountain in that area also looks remodeled. There were some scattered coins inside the fountain.

The weather was nice and warm but breezy. The area looks very social again, hanging out, eating at restaurants, shopping, and walking around. 

I stayed there for 2 or 3 hours, and I noticed I walked 1.7 miles, 4,129 steps and 2 floors. 


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